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Why Hire a Licensed Drone Pilot in Hawaii?

With an increase of affordable consumer drones on the market, drones have become even more popular now than ever before. In fact, the consumer drone market surpassed $1.25 billion in sales in 2020 and is predicted to reach $63.6 billion in 2025. This means there is an ever-growing number of hobbyists flying drones.

So why is it important to hire a licensed drone pilot in Hawaii if you're in need of drone services? There are some important factors to consider that are covered in this article. Let's take a look.

Part 107 License Required

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has made it a requirement for any drone pilot wishing to fly commercially to obtain a Part 107 certification. In other words, in order to do work as a drone pilot—selling aerial pictures, aerial surveying/mapping, cinematography, etc.—you must have a Part 107 license.

In fact, anyone caught commercially flying without a license can face up to $277,500 in fines. Yikes!

Special Waivers

Because the FAA requires drones to follow similar aviation rules as other aircraft, there are flight restrictions a drone pilot must know and abide by. There are also certain situations in which the FAA prohibits drones to be flown without a special waiver.

For example, if a pilot wants to fly over a crowd of people or people in general, they would need to get approved for a 107.39 waiver. Similarly, any pilot flying operations at night time needs a 107.29 waiver, along with anti-collisions lights, etc. Oftentimes, these waivers require the pilot to hold a Part 107 license.

Drone Pilot Insurance

Flying commercially—whether it be for a social event, or an aerial inspection, etc.—requires pilots to fly close to buildings and other objects. A licensed drone pilot flying commercially is able to get flyer insurance just in case of an accident.

In 2017 alone, there were 385 drone accidents reported. Drone accidents can not only cause damage to property, but they can also cause bodily injury. Hiring a commercial drone pilot in Hawaii with insurance can give ease of mind in case of an accident.

Hire Licensed Drone Pilot in Hawaii

Whether you're looking to hire a drone pilot for a wedding event, real estate photography, aerial inspections, or any of the above, it's a good idea to find a licensed drone pilot to do the job. Commercial drone pilots often have special training in their field and have a vested interest in providing a good service to their customers.

Are you looking to hire a licensed drone pilot in Hawaii? Contact BUTEO for a quote today!

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